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S.A.V Balakrishna Senior Secondary School is an excellent educational institution where students and staff from various Indian states live, teach and study together in a congenial atmosphere. Sponsered by Manilal Nadar Educational Trust, this institution made its humble beginning in 2014. It rapidly grew into a full- fledged Residential and Non Residential School for offering quality education in CBSE pattern approved by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India.
This renowned institution was established in the year 2014 by the Manilal Nadar Educational Trust, Vadakankulam. It was given the affliation to be a full fledged CBSE school by the Central Board of Secondary Education in the year 2017.Very soon it was upgraded to the level of a Senior Secondary School with classes from Kindergarten to XII Std with an ever-growing strength of 660 students.

The aim of the school is to provide a holistic and comprehensive education and to impart knowledge through modern teaching methods which will develop the character and personality of the child. The objective is to mould the young men and women with a keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, self reliance, confident and competitive. The school has a spacious and hygienic canteen which continues to function regularly on all working days. This is an added advantage for both the staff and the students to work well with efficiency. Moral instruction forms an integral part of the school curriculum. Earnest efforts are made to give the children the best training possible in consistence with our ancient culture and in tune with the progressive trends in Modern Education. The public examination result in CBSE Board examination has always been Cent Percent and with many Distinctions and High First Classes. One of our students has secured centum in Maths in the last Xth Board Examination.

We genuinely consider that money should not be a hindrance for the students to get higher education; thereby we run this institution with a deep rooted service mind to bring out the best students from this region.

We genuinely consider that money should not be a hindrance for the students to get higher education; thereby we run this institution with a deep rooted service mind to bring out the best students from this region.

S.A.V Balakrishna Senior Secondary School implies success in the fulfillment of imparting the best education to all the children who study here. So hurry up seek admission here and reap the best result in your life.


Educational aims and objectives:

  • To motivate the pupils to develop, love and cherish the cultural, traditional and religious values of the country.
  • To create a generation of people who respect and love one another.
  • To create an awareness of the environment and make them love and protect it.
  • To make them love and respect the country.
  • To promote discipline among the pupils and thereby in the society.
  • A well-balanced and appropriate curriculum is to be provided for all students.
  • Qualified and highly efficient personnel to be recruited, developed, and retained.
  • Students to be encouraged and challenged to utilize their full educational potentials.


We provide a holistic education by which character and multifarious skills are well developed in every student. We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet."Character building among students is very important and essential in order to shape and mould them into good citizens. We have moral education at the secondary and the senior secondary level.

In the Senior Secondary level, the school offers two groups namely Biology and Computer Science .Our school is one of the best institutions in our Educational District. We, the staff and the management feel proud to declare that our student S.Sudharshini scored 479 out of 500 in Xth Standard.

Our school has produced centum result in 10th standard .One of our students scored centum in Maths. Especially, last year all the students who wrote examination passed with first class. Our first batch of XII Std is going to write their exam. It was made possible by the joint venture of our teaching community, the management, students and the enthusiastic co-operation of their beloved parents.


Our vision is to see beyond the narrow walls of the classrooms and text books to groom every child to master the challenges of today and to become citizens of the world with the passion for learning and commitment to become confident, Self reliant, empathetic, Patriotic and culturally enriched individuals.


We aim to challenge and support all students to enable them to develop their talent and achieve their potential. an individual is valued and recognized irrespective of race, gender, culture or faith.

  • To provide effective teaching and stimulating learning experience across a broad and balanced relevant curriculum with happy, caring, safe and secured environment.
  • To develop each child’s personal and social skills which is necessary for them to become a responsible and active participants in their community.

Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities

We plan to make our curriculum relevant & irresistible to children.

Students are given ample opportunities to train themselves in Cultural activities, Silambam, Karate, Skating, Swimming, Yoga, Archery, Horse-riding, Music and Keyboard etc.

Play Ground

We have a large well structured play ground with all the facilities for athletics and group games. Students will be encouraged well to take up the challenges and take part in all events.


Our Institution has been equipped well with laboratories, library, auditorium, seminar halls etc. with all the facilities.

Swimming Pool

The school has a spacious, clean and well maintained swimming pool and our swimmers have won many State and National level awards.

Welfare Program

In order to develop the physical and mental calibre of our students, we provide all the required facilities with maximum care. Yoga practice, dance, music, karate, skating and swimming are some of them. In addition to these activities we conduct Personality Development Camps for the students to develop their personality. Physical Education receives greater emphasis in our school. The sports club was quite successful in carrying out a number of events throughout the year. For developing our student's physique our school gives proper practice periodically in physical education classes. Our students have bagged many prizes in Zonal, District, Divisional, State level and National Level Competitions.

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